Read Before Reporting


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Be careful and look this section of forum and you can get info about whois ripper or scumbag.

  1. You should create thread here meeting with following requirements:
  2. Ripper nick and contact details must be included in the thread name (Nick, ICQUIN, Email).
  3. Example: Username (icq 11*****) is a ripper
  4. You must describe your situation in few words first.
  5. You must write for what amount of money you was ripped.
  6. Admin will be involved into the situation only if this amount more then $100.
  7. You must include all contact details (all ICQ UIN, emails, yahoo, skype and jabber accounts of the ripper).
  8. After all of this you must provide logs (without cutting any byte, everything from starting conversation till the moment when you was ripped).

Notice: threads and posts in which someone was called ripper without any proofing fact will be deleted and the ticket-starter or poster will be banned for a couple of days.


Can sensitive and personal identifiable information mentioned or contained on the emails be redacted before submission?