Underworldmafias Forum Rules


Staff member
General Rules:
* Show respect to The Staff and to other Members.
* All posts must be written in English
* This Forum is open to people of all ages and nationalities.
* Don't spam/abuse any other member via e-mail or Private Messages
* Do not start arguments, or use abusive language in threads or shoutbox.
* Do not advertise or trade in shoutbox.
* No political or religious topics, unless on events affecting world political, or religious figures, such as the death of such figures.
* No referrer-ID links to sign-up websites in signatures.
* No Signatures will Be hot linked At All
* You will not Have any links in signatures that lead Outside.
* No Live Links will be posted On The Board.
* Do Not Pm " ANY" Members And Ask For There Password Accounts Or Msn/yahoo or any messenger Or You Will Be Banned
*Do not use Multiple accounts
* Invitation Warning:If someone you sent invitation about any web/irc/forum instantly gets banned after 1 warning.
* Changing display Username Member allowed but only once (Allowed for VIP)
* Passwords that advertise other sites are not allowed.User Will Be Banned After warnings
* Use the Search Engine before posting to avoid duplicate posts. Do more than one search, using different terms, to make sure your item has not been posted previously DO NOT MAKE DOUBLE POST.
* If you have a different link for the same item posted, add it as a mirror to the existing post.
* Include the size of the download in the post.If Possible
* Advertisement or display of sexual content or talk is never allowed we reserve the right to end you membership and or staff position on first offense. A warning is Optional.
* Posts relating to the making of explosives, illicit drugs, etc, are not permitted and will be closed and the links removed. Re-posting of such closed topics will result in a warning. Subsequent offences may result in a ban without notice.
* Link Protectors Not Allowed
* Links that following surveys not allowed
* No High-jacking other members threads
* Hit Thanks button THANKS instead of replying "Thanks"
* Posting new Thread without contents, by asking first for Rep/thanks not allowed

* Requests are to be made in the proper section.
* Use the search engine before posting a request and do more than one search, using different terms, to make sure the item you seek has not already been posted.
* Include all details in your request, such as full item name, version number and home page and include what efforts you have made to find the item yourself before posting your request.
* If and when your request has been filled, post accordingly in the thread, by adding "Filled by " to the title and thank the Member who filled such request.
* Software requests more than 30 days old will be closed or deleted. This is due to software updates and to keep the Forum clean and conserve resources.

These Rules must followed by all darkwebmafias.com members.